photo via Church’s

What happened to the wild in me than ran past mirrors
And rolled and jumped and kneeled and lay flat in the grass
Unaware to the dust and grass and bugs that collected in my tangled hair 
She dug her toes in the clay mud by the creek and laughed at how squishy it felt
She ran wild, that girl
She nudges me past the threshold of my front door
Out into the grass
Into the dirt 
She reminds forgo my shoes
and creep my toes back into the muddy clay
She ushers me away from the mirror
To greater heights
Or down to my knees and into the grass
She whispers to me to outstretch my arms as I run down a trail by the river,
Cool wind on my face
And I can, for a moment, forget the weight of my body hitting the ground
And instead I can be wild
Wild like I once was,
And wild like I ought to be

Young and wild are words often intertwined
I wonder how scandalous it would seem to be wild now