Two Months into Graphic Design School

I’m so proud of that cliff hanger title…definitely too proud, because there’s nothing too earth-shattering here, more just a life update. Two months into Graphic Design school and I love it. It’s hard, my classes are all 3 hours long and sometimes I spend an hour long class attempting to perfectly draw one letter, but I love it. (side note: you may find some new changes in my site/my portfolio)

Deciding to change tracks from studying photography to studying graphic design was a big deal for me. It wasn’t simply changing my college major, no, not for this ball of emotions and heavy heavy feelings- this was an existential decision- a move away from something I’d been chasing for 6 years and a step into the unknown…I know, welcome to my brain.

I feel SO much peace about this change of creative focus and SO much joy that I took the risk to apply to a program I felt way unqualified to step into. And now here I am, calling myself a graphic designer. And I truly truly love it. It combines all my passions in one study- photography, illustration, writing, design, and typography.

Now here’s a little list about the unique traits of being in art/design school :

  • those lovely previously mentioned, 3 hours studio classes
  • hours of work outside the studio (daily)
  • an expectation to invest your whole mind and heart into your classwork, simply doing the bare minimum isn’t good enough…for your professors or for your own personal convictions
  • a community of people who you commiserate with, work through pieces with, eat with, laugh with and maybe even cry with (it’s not as uncommon as you may think) (or maybe I’m just too emotional)
  • being driven by making work you’re proud of instead of just making an A in a class
  • you know most people are there for a purpose deeper than just getting a degree so they can get a job

I wanted to write this post because I am trying to be better about blogging/writing in general. I’ve started seeing it as a way to archive thoughts and stories along my way, something to look back on, and also just a way for my mom to keep tabs on me…

with love,