LOOK OUT It’s The Writer Nobody Asked For

Writing and I have a very will they/won’t they relationship in my head. That very sentence proves how much I live in my own mind most of the time. Here’s the thing, I love writing, I need to write. I get antsy if too much time passes and I don’t spill out my thoughts a little bit…BUT I can’t help but feel slightly aimless in my pursuit of dumping my heart and mind out through words. Who needs to know this information? Why do we as humans feel compelled to share our words? For me, it feels like my words are only half alive until they’re exposed to others.

So after much unnecessary and studious consideration, I have decided to just keep writing and sharing my words. Not for the self betterment of those reading, but for mine (sorry but welcome to the internet). If I believed I was writing to help others I think I would easily collapse within the first mile; it is far easier for me to write with reckless abandon and pray one day somehow it lands on someone and brings a sliver of thought, joy, amusement, laughter, or even judgement if that’s your style. I’d rather write for me rather than slave in thought over how to best appeal to others. That’s not my forte and I feel like that’s a little more than obvious in most art-obsessed-romantic types.

In conclusion (the way I’m pretty sure you should never conclude a piece of writing), I am writing to release the pressure in my head and heart like its a balloon about to explode.

So have a good day, don’t overthink everything & care way less. That’s my recipe today.