Inspirations : March ’18

  1. These Pantone colors I found on Pinterest, originally from here. / 2. The Creative Pep Talk Podcast is my consistent go-to. It is solely hosted by illustrator Andy J. Miller. I mostly love his fun and simple approach to making a living as an artist. I could go on about how much I love it, if you’re a creative human you should give it a listen / 3. I found this on Pinterest with no link, I’m just getting really into typography & I love this whimsical but sophisticated look / 4. Damien Florebert Cuypers – an illustrator who has completely charmed me with his quick, and decisive fashion sketches. It may look like scribbles to someone who doesn’t draw, but in reality, it takes skill to make something good out of such few pencil strokes./ 5. I’ve just gotten really into vintage if I wasn’t an old lady already. I just love how they vary and what they say about where they’re from.  / 6. This American Life: a pretty well known podcast, I binge listen to this in my studio classes- they’re just random collections of stories, really good stories & ideas & sometimes it just perfect nonsense. / 7. I’m doing a project on Victorian-Age advertising and typography and I am completely in awe of the things they did by hand and the fact that all advertisements we this detailed. It has inspired me to practice doing more detailed and decorative illustration, because I think it’s cool to see all the effort come out in the end result. / 8.  OOOOH, I love Vance Joy’s new album, Nation of Two  – my current favorite is Saturday Sun / 9. This book. Good God. I read it every few months, it’s a tiny little 3 chapters packed with truth that makes me remember what it feels like to live for selflessly and joyfully, 100% recommend.