A Letter to Myself Today

Don’t carry the weight no one is asking you to carry. Don’t let it weigh you down and become overwhelmed. Don’t less the unnecessary and the small keep you too low to love the people around you. Don’t be so hard on yourself, no one is asking you to, and if they were, they’d be wrong. Take each task, each assignment, each expectation piece by piece. Know that you can’t do everything all at once to to the very best of your ability. Remember the limits you have as a fragile human- the need for companionship, creativity, white space, sabbath. Rest in your God who equips you for the task ahead. Rest in the God who created you with limits, and desires to teach you balance. Believe each dream, each to-do, each “should” has it’s own time, and everything has been made beautiful in its time. Don’t rush ahead, and don’t dwell on yesterday’s failure. Accept grace, and don’t let the small things be bigger than they are. Remember what it means to be okay: to love, to be loved, to rest in a true and unshakable identity- to know you don’t carry your fate. Rest girl, rest. Take a deep breath and come home to yourself. Remember that while your identity isn’t the problem at hand, remember you’re okay. Remember life is a series of seasons and seasons change. Fall doesn’t envy spring for her flowers, she knows her job is to change, to evolve. Winter doesn’t grow bitter because she’s bare, she understands how much further and much more clearly the eye can see through the woods in the cold, barren winter than in the lush, green summer. Remember gratitude girl, remember how useless selfish groaning can be. Remember to fill your cup enough to spill over into your neighbor’s. Refrain bitterness. Keep your heart soft, keep your eyes open, keep your ear to the ground. And if you forget this sometimes, remember at least this, you’re okay anyway.

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